Golemův šém



We would like to introduce and offer you the main product of our company, the luxury chocolate bonbons Golem´s Shem. Their name and concept of the product were inspired by the tradition of Prague under the rule of the Emperor Rudolf II. The capital of the Czech Kingdom was the centre of science and art at that time. The Emperor’s court was visited by a lot of alchemists, trying to produce gold, philosopher´s stone and the elixir of youth. An integral part of the stories coming from that period is the legend of Prague Golem, that could be woken by the mysterious shem. This shem was so strong, that its inserting into his mouth could bring to life Golem made of cold clay. Our chocolate bonbons try to remind the legendary time and feeling. Their unique composition and sophisticated preparation provide a guarantee that their consummation, in addition to a doubtless gourmet experience, will exactly revive and vitalize both your body and your mind. Even after many centuries, you will be able to taste a part of the charm of those long lost times personally.

Eduard KelleyGolemRabi LewRudolf II.Marie ŠpanělskáMaxmilián II.


The chocolate bonbons Golem´s Shem are delivered in hexagram boxes. Every package contains 12 chocolate shems in three versions by four pieces, namely with:

  • chilli flavour (capsicum annuum)
  • ginger flavour (zingiber officinale)
  • chestnut flavour (kastanea sativa)
The product concerned is an all-Czech handmade product, based on a traditional secret formula complemented by the latest research results.

A booklet containing the legend of Prague Golem and a card with a reproduction of an original portrait of a personality from the Rudolfinian Prague by the painter Jindřich Ulrich form a part of every package. The number of these portraits will be further extended for the customers to be able to make their own small gallery.

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