Golemův šém

Golem’s Shem

Malý Golem

According to a legend, one Sabbath Rabbi Löw forgot to take the Shem out of golemʼs mouth and left for the synagogue. Golem started to burst with the energy which could not be released by any work. As a result, golem got into a fit of rage and started to destroy everything in his reach. Only after Rabbi Löw was summoned, he was able to stop him and remove the Shem. After this terrible experience, Rabbi did not wake golem to life any more and hid his body in an unknown place. Nothing is known about the fate of the Shem.

In any case, golem became an integral part of Prague genius loci and found his place also in numerous literary and film adaptations. To this „domestication“ of golem in Prague culture, also the manufacture of chocolate Golemʼs Shems belongs. Their unique composition based on the secret Prague recipe provides not only a delicious taste, but also a stimulating effect, evoking the memory of the mysterious parchment which had the power, after being placed in golemʼs mouth, to bring his immense power to life.

Thus, golemʼs Shem offers us the MAGIC, the chance to experience unique and magical feeling. It provides us with a short relief from our everyday stress and worries. Chocolate causes the rise of the level of serotonin in the brain, the substance which is sometimes called the hormone of happiness.

Each package is supplemented with a reproduction of one portrait from a series of miniatures depicting eminent personages associated with the court of Rudolf II, which has been created by Master Ulrich. Thus, the customer can not only enjoy the delicious taste of the chocolate, but also, after some time, create his own gallery of the Rudolphine Prague.