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Chocolate factory Kamila Chocolates

This small manufacture is situated in a small village Výskytná nad Jihlavou 126, (GPS:  49° 25´ 9.768″ N. 15°30´43,97″ E) near the town of Jihlava in the Highland Region of the Czech Republic.  The family company KAMILA was founded by František Hlava. Its production follows the noted tradition of chocolate production in the Czech territory. Only the highest quality chocolate is used for the production. The fillings are also made of first class ingredients. This family chocolate factory was awarded several times for its excellent products. In 2009, for example, the company won the 1st place in the competition “Businessman of the Year of the Highland Region”, further the 2nd place “Businessman of the Year 2009 of the Czech Republic”, and in 2010 again the 2nd place “The Company of the Year of the Highland Region”. They make one of the best chocolates in the Czech market due to their classic manufacturing procedures …