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What are antioxidants?

What are antioxidants? They are natural ingredients neutralizing the activities of harmful free radicals in human body by preventing OXIDATION. If it had not been for the neutralization of free radicals, they could cause harm in our cells and DNA, their structure and function would change. BODY OXIDATION IS the main CAUSE of the ageing process. The prevention or reversing of oxidation slows down the ageing process and enables rejuvenation and prevents heart diseases and heart attacks at the same time.

Free radicals are energy producing metabolic by-products of our cells. They are unstable molecules containing odd number of electrons and trying to achieve a stable state (an even number of electrons) again. These activities start a whole series of oxidation processes and attack stable chemical agents, which means, that the cumulated free radicals take their electrons from surrounding tissues, thus damaging the cells.

A human body was designed to live up to 130 years. As long as we can ensure a regular supply of antioxidants, we can slow down the ageing process of our organism, because the antioxidants absorb the harmful free radicals.